Terms & Conditions

This website is an advertising platform operated by a website marketing company based in The Netherlands and offering advertising space for a fee. The advertisers are independent companions who offer their time and companionship for payment. The advertisers are all self-employed and choose to pay an advertising fee for publicising their service (that of companionship to a person or persons of either the same or the opposite sex) on this website. This website is neither an escort agency nor an escort management service and neither consents to nor has any knowledge of any illegal activity on behalf of the advertisers. Each advertiser has declared in writing that he or she is over the age of 18, providing a service of companionship and that the fees charged are solely for that purpose. Anything more than companionship, for example intimate or sexual activity of any kind which may occur in the course of the companionship meeting is a private and personal matter between two or more consenting adults of legal age. The advertisers declare that no money changing hands is paid as a result of intimacy being promised or offered by any person or persons advertising on or connected in any way with this website. This advertising agency does not and will not collect any fees for, or on behalf of, the advertisers and all payments are made directly with the advertisers. The personal information provided by the advertisers is supplied solely by them. The website owners, directors and officers hereby state that they are not responsible for any of the content.

General Terms

It is understood that this website is not the employer of any person offering services on this website. This websites assumes no liability whatsoever and solely provides website space for advertising.


This website offers absolute reliability and discretion to anyone and everyone visiting it. No data received in the course of your making contact with any advertiser will be passed on in any form to a third party. No personal information, financial or otherwise, known to this website will be requested, handled or used in any way whatsoever.

Terms of ordering an arrangement

Make direct contact with a companion (advertiser) by sending an e-mail to her or by submitting the reservation form. The advertiser will respond as quickly as possible and advise if your requested dates for companionship are available. If your chosen companion confirms that she is available for that time, agree with her provisional flights. Make the companion’s travel arrangements within 24 hours or so and then send to her a copy of the confirmation showing the flight details and booking number. The advertiser will then provide her mobile number so that you can, if you wish, text or speak with her prior to the meeting.

Minimum Age Requirements

You must be at least 18 years of age to make contact with and/or employ the services of a companion who is advertising on this website. All companions are at least 18 years of age. A meeting with an advertiser is an arrangement between two consenting adults of good health and sound mind.

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